“If you want to feel good for a moment, appreciate yourself. If you want to feel good for more than a moment, appreciate others.”
— Sarvesh Jain, The Awakening Wisdom of Life: Probably the best Quotation Book in the world

Happy Clients


TNT helped me to launch a program about honesty. It is actually possible to be successful in online business by being upfront about what the business is about rather than baiting people with "Fake Job Interviews" or Financial Seminars.

— Elon B.

Having the flexibility to work as little or as much as I want has always been my goal. At TNT, they kept it real with me about what it would take to achieve the goals that I set and they helped me to create a realistic plan of action to get there.


The information is priceless. I can’t believe there are so many ways I could save on my taxes.

— Timothy J.

Real Estate Investing or not, the information provided is helpful for being out here in the working world also. You have got to check out a Cash recovery party.

— Alicia P.


I’m in network marketing and was able to work with my consultant  one on one.  Her advice and planning helped me to become a much better marketer by understanding how important it is to build relationships and create value in what you do.

— Ketill N.

I struggled a lot with team building until my consult with TNT. Now this introvert is able to recruit without a problem.

— melissa G.

When you call, someone actually picks up the phone. A person…A REAL person. And they discuss whatever you need to address. I have a mentor that actually helps to keep me accountable and on track for success I HAVE MY MENTOR's DIRECT NUMBER. This is not some 3 Real Estate day seminar. This is real education and live interaction with people that are actually getting it done.  I live for the live meetings and they also record them so that you can access them later. 

— Shay F.

I didn't even know where to start. The first thing they did was helped me to get organized and build a plan of action that I could accomplish while still working a full time job. Six month ago I was able to resign and I now work for myself full time. I haven't tried the education yet but that is my next goal. ...June 2017

— Chan B.