Promoting wealth building by offering quality entrepreneurial and real estate investing education.


TNT provides a unique approach to real estate services by understanding that real estate is about so much more than just  property.  

Our Mission at TNT is to provide "More Than a Conventional Solution" to those in need of residential and commercial property investing and management solutions by providing an exceptional level of professionalism, ethical standards, industry knowledge and dedication to our clients.
We are committed to excellence and take pride in offering opportunities to demonstrate how proper strategies allow real estate to become a powerful vehicle for wealth creation.


Our Services

Real Estate Investing:
* We buy properties (We love a fast close)
* Property location and research for potential investors
* For aspiring and even seasoned investors: Access to a Quality source of real estate investing education that is accessible 24/7
* Opportunity for income generation during the learning process

Property Services
* We specialize in long term tenancy
* Property Management
* Property location and research for potential investors
* Property clean out/ securing services

Private Lending Network:
* We have a network of verified private lenders that will help you to fund your deals with several loan structure options. 
* Investing partners for the deals that may require funds that exceed your immediate ability.

* We offer a variety of solutions to assist you with building and growing your business. 
*Even if, so far, all you have is a good idea. Give us a call. Let's work together to elevate your business to the next level.


Earn While You Learn

As students of the real estate investing education enjoy success in their investing careers, they become passionate about sharing it with others. As an Independent Marketing Affiliate (IMA), you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to share the education and enjoy the rewards of business ownership. 

Real estate has proven to be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation when the proper investment strategies are applied. Renatus takes great pride in the quality of its real estate investing education, from the instructional systems design learning practices, to the exceptional qualifications of the practitioner instructors and the convenient, effective delivery system.

Our team has been able to help over 12,000 students break the 9-5 circle through business ownership and real estate investing. 

Check it out here! 

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A Top 10 Service

We love our clients and our team members and guess what...They love us back!!! They also love to let us know it!